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Royal Enfield Machismo 350
Getting to Know
For generations that have grown up with the motorcycle around them, an Enfield denotes nothing less than sheer power and stud boy style. The Machismo 350 by Royal Enfield is yet another example of the unlimited power that all the machines of this company exude on road.
Looks and Design
As far as looks are concerned the Machismo 350 has a lethal combination of old world charm and modern conveniences. Two separate seats for rider and pillion, a tool box and a conventional fuel tank give this model its bygone era kind of looks while a long wiser makes it comparable to the latest international cruisers.
Key Features
The Machismo 350 has a powerful single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cool engine that gives it the power it is known for. The maximum power and torque that it yields makes it thud along the ride exuberating strength and performance excellence.
Other Features
The Machismo 350 has front disk brakes while rear ones are drum brakes. It is indeed a very heavy motor cycle having a five speed gear box with a left foot shift. The motor bike does have an option of self start and also has gas filled shock absorbers providing a very smooth ride.
Final Verdict
Well the Machismo is THE cruiser to go for if you are looking for one within a low budget. It is superb on power and has fine trimmings of style too making it a definite head turner on roads. The dimensions of the cruiser make it more stable while riding and broad tyres provide excellent grip on the road.
However, yes, it is good to remember that it is not a motorcycle for those who want a light weight, everyday commuter. That does not mean you can not ride the Machismo everyday-of course you can do that and more but if you`re looking for a regular easy handling street bike, this one is not for you. Also, they could`ve offered rear disk brakes too for a complete package. But then, nothing is perfect in the world!
If you have any questions about exactly where and how to use Lexus Tan Cang, you can make contact with us at our web-page.
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